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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

further notes on oral presentation

some notes about the presentation....

order – structure – you could decide to vary how you do this for emphasis so it is up to you... arrange for clarity - this is you talking about your work and achievements - it is short so you need to summarise - it is good to rehearse for timing and empahsis 

Some elements you could include...

Introduction -  context - who you are and why you needed to do this
what you wanted to find out - questions
literature  - important - name names of authors/artists you used for ideas - (practitioners. concepts, theory, ideas from inquiry) represents body of knowledge about arts and topic (not just information)
tools/methods/evaluation for practitioner research - talking with peer and special interest groups and workplace colleagues
findings - what you found out ? what people said - what you found out in themes? quotes  form inquiry (anonymised)? What that means using you knowledge of sources/literature/your own practice?
conclusions-  important - how this relates to ideas?
Implications/impact - changes to practice - how you shared this with others - what was the knowledge gained
Artefact - (before or after conclusions?) sample of this ? - how you told others - why you chose this format
Critical reflection -  - important - could include all of BAPP Arts journey next steps for you ?
Bibliography (?) if sources not indicated earlier

here is advice from last study period

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