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Friday, 12 May 2017

Another study period at an end !

Another study period is at an end - well done for all the hard work! The effort that goes into completing things while leading busy professional lives is enormous. I will miss the interaction and discussions. It will now be time to take a look at everyone's 'online portfolios' (blogs) -  as a network it is pretty impressive.

I hope this weekend is a good one - we will be watching Eurovision after a busy Saturday trying to finish things - we all have deadlines - but it is a bit of a tradition in our household.

Adesola and I will soon be looking at the work and the Module 3 presentations are coming up next week... (if other students what to attend just let me know).

I am available as a tutor to discuss the oral presentations - so email me.  Remember there are some examples up on archived blogs...

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