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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Reviewing as a part of drafting

I just talked to Lizzie who said she had reviewed her Module Handbook - good idea!


there are tutor blogs (Adesola and mine)

and peer blogs (I copied these again recently on my blog and on the BAP Professional Practice Arts My Learning My UNiHub space

on my blog there are:

3 sessions for Module 1 scroll down to find - they all have slideshares!
3 sessions for Module 2
3 sessions for Module 3

All the forms and handbooks are up on your My Learning on MyUniHub space

RoL WBS2515 (WBA)
Module 1 WBS3730 (WBA)
Module 2 WBS3630 (WBA)
Module 3 WBS3760 (WBA)


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