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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

April 10th campus session recap

Please see the blogs of Amanda, Emma, Jess D. (M1) and Victoria (M3) Eleanor cam by Skype and Taylor came for a bit (M1).

The Monday campus session 10th April was about thinking through the final writing for each module.
So looked at samples of writing, had a library session, and then talked about our own writing using the oral – speaking – before writing.

Formal writing uses structure a bit more to make 'arguments' so to state you point of view - you make key points (propositions) that you then provide examples and evidence for - drawing to a conclusion based on the discussion. The paragraph is used as a unit of thought - so introductory sentence - key points a concluding sentence - is  a essay style. We write in the first person like a report - so not 3rd person- so we use 'I'.

I sent everyone  the articles we used in the campus session.

The  Cottrell extract talks about the formal structure of writing and the others are examples of briefer articles about acting – and we talked about who the summary style of writing was to develop positions, arguments, and conclusions in a shorter piece of writing.

Michelle gave a brief session about searching – e.g. Using the quotation marks to see the Harvard citation - I have sent everyone her handouts.

I also sent a sheet explaining the Harvard citation method – the university also uses – you can login using your university IT User name and password.


  1. Thanks Paula
    the campus session was really useful as we sum up our studies and the style of essays clarified the different choices we have.

  2. Thanks for this info Paula