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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Is going to the theatre important?

an article about play attendance - is it surprising?

I am going to see

Is theatre important to society - how why?


  1. Thanks for sharing these links. I like the concept of 'Does Art reflect life; or life reflect art?' and I think the theatre is perfect example of this. It is important to stay in tune with the society we live in. The theatre is a creative venue that represents our current social climate.
    On a further note - I went to see a screening of The National's 'Twelfth Night' the other night. 'The National Live' scheme gives people further afield the opportunity to witness first hand the magic of the theatre.

  2. I also went to see "Twelfth Night". I have been to many of the screenings of live performances from theatres in cinemas since it first began. Originally I was living and working abroad so it meant I stay current with theatre but now I go because I love it. Although some actors feel it is necessarily a good idea I don't believe it will stop people attending live performance. Many people cannot afford London ticket prices (if tickets are even available) or even get to the venue. If seeing an admired actor on screen transfers even to one more young person starting to go to live performances then this is a positive. It does seem that there are more stage schools (musical theatre) than acting but there's nothing wrong with being a "triple threat".

  3. Agree - this has been an interesting debate in theatre for a while - the 'twirls' and the 'turns' - could we do without either in the theatre? Both needed.