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Thursday, 29 September 2016

NEW September 2016 blog addresses

Good to see these blogs up - the majority have the CV/bibliography up and many that have started some very interesting conversations that involve practice. I am definitely going to return to these in the near future. Adesola and I really enjoy these conversations.

I know I probably have a few more addresses than this apologies if I missed yours - but can everyone please add your blog address to the comments or send/resend me your blog address in an email and we can add them to the list!

Also if you have not already - please add the Followers options as it is really helpful.


Module 1
Alyshia this blog? needs to be opened to the public


  1. Wasn't sure if you meant us or not!!! Just in case Lizzie Bell Module 2 -

  2. Not sure if its me being a novice at this but ive tried to follow everyone and ive only suceeded with a couple of people?