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Friday, 23 September 2016

Update and Paula around all day on the 27th September for BAPP Arts

Hi everyone - 

Induction and orientation - yes my thoughts - getting started is sometimes hard to do - start slow - think ahead by reading the materials - you are not late at all - we start next week.

Please look around at others blogs and you should have already started a Skype list o that you can get in touch with others - here is the list that we will now update with new starters

Feel good about beginning again !!!! This is a great programme and it is about thinking critically about what you do. There are tasks to guide you but each person will follow their on professional pathway to create the content of their coursework.

I mentioned that I was away this week at a conference and visiting relatives in the States over the weekend. 

The conference has been very good... I saw Siemens take part in mock debate on the first day - he was concerned with well-being for online interaction see his professional blog and Audrey Watters who used pigeons to talk about educational technology - check out her professional blog

Good conversations to bring back to BAPP Arts - more coming up on these...

FYI   I am around all day on the Tuesday the 27th via Adobe connect and be sorting out a blog list - PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BLOG ADDRESS if you have just started and I will put it on the list.

Adobe Connect (Breeze) BAPP Arts Meeting Room orientation (Paula) 
27th September at 11am and 3pm and 8pm all modules
This is a technology orientation day to help you get connected to our Adobe Connect system and to help get started on the course. There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need wear headphones to use this system.
If you have not connected to the BAPP Arts Meeting Room before – please try this system on this day.  

AND (I will also put this in a separate blog for the RSVP) 

Module 3: Part 7 – The Professional Inquiry (Paula)
Friday September 30 at 8 pm online Skype There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog.

Here is the freedom tower... 



  1. Hi Paula I will be at the 8pm Skype

  2. Hi Paula, not sure if its this blog we need to comment on or a future one but i will also be at the 8pm Skype / breeze orientation

  3. Hi Paula, I will be at the 3 pm Skype/ breeze orientation

  4. right - I will be on the Adobe Breeze for today (Tuesday) just to see if people can get on it okay - but will also have a Skype set up if people cannot connect. Thanks everyone!