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Monday, 7 March 2016

Dropbox phishing emails

A very frustrating part of communicating in today's online world....

Sorry everyone but I  but I clicked on a phishing email saying it was from Dropbox this morning and some of you might have had another phishing email pretending to be from my google account. Thanks Laura and Dani and Uwe who all emailed me that this was happening. The emails seemed to be warning people that it was unsafe but I am blogging this agin to make sure people know about it...  I changed my passwords for Drop box and my google account so they should be secure. I sent out an email today from my uni account as well. 

I know others have had this experience as it is now a part of professional life.

I was also sent this advice which I did immediately:

"What you need to do is change your gmail password click on your icon top right corner click on my account click on security then change password… and also when in Gmail screen scroll to bottom of screen right at bottom ‘last account activity’ click on it and then click on box saying 'sign out of of all other web sessions' "

So sorry if anyone has gotten one of these. I don't use this account much for sending out but I apologise profusely. I generally look very carefully to avoid  malicious emails as they have gotten very sophisticated - but I will take even greater care in future. 

Some info about phishing emails!

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