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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Discussion with peers and special interest groups

The special interest groups or SIGs on BAPP Arts are a crucial part of the professional development approach that we have to learning.

These groupings are integrated into the curriculum to develop thinking through critical discourse with peer professionals on the course.

Peer discussions can be with someone on the same module or someone who has a topic in which you are interested. A discussion might only happen once or twice,  but often these happen at strategic points of the your coursework when you really need to thrash out some ideas with someone.

Discussion within the sessions and blogs begins in the Induction and Module 1. We give and receive feedback from tutors and peers.

In Module 2, groups are formed to help develop a proposal. The SIGs do not replace discussion in the sessions or with tutors, but they are important places to rehearse and exchange ideas (inc. literature). As tutors on the course, sometimes we join with these groups and sometimes these are evidenced with extracts of private conversations similar to the extracts used for your private journals.

Many use professional networks outside to the course to develop their thinking. Members of your community of practice, workplace colleagues, and managers can offer great assistance and support.

In Module 3, the use of special interest groups continues. Many add new groupings as ideas shift. As everyone is working of a professional inquiry the generally includes an element of practitioner research, groups might actually be formed as a part of that process - so virtually with anyone on the course.

The sharing list that went out recently is a part of this peaches of sharing practice. Finalists who leave their blogs up continue to support the study of others through their examples.