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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Thanks to everyone for a very very busy time - back to the news!

I can't believe how busy it got during this last period - slowly recovering in time for graduation! Congratulations to everyone who completed their work on the programme!!!

Thanks to all Module 2 people who worked on their forms - good to get them right - we will be starting this earlier next time but the effort was well done and appreciated.

Module 1 - good work - look forward to continuing in Sept.

I am back to the looking at the news- some of which is disheartening but with some glimmers of new thinking:

I will try to keep up a bit more - have had several conversations for those doing literature reviews now for M3. I too need to do these properly no for some research I am undertaking. Full speed ahead...

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  1. Hi Paula, I'm sure the past few weeks must have been a very busy time for the tutors!
    I wanted to see if you are available for a short skype to talk through your feedback? When do you officially start back after summer? I have 3 weeks back from Dubai so wanted to start on some module 2 reading before I go back! Many thanks, Catherine