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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Looking around

Sketches black and white - and done very quickly - I think the main thing about these sketches is about re-engaging with the visual vocabulary of the work. Recently looked at the work of Sonia Delaunay - colour will come back in - but this artist also had rhythm and pattern - the 2nd sketch perhaps needs a bit more 2d pattern in the final versions. 

I also went to final year art shows at Middlesex - really bowled over by the variety form our own Art & Design Department - this was presented at the Truman Brewery
Performance? 'This is not the End' and the Arcola - very good!! Definitely going back - very friendly atmosphere and serious theatre well written, staged and acted. 

I hope to go to more exhibition and performances this summer and hope others have the chance as well between work and holidays...

Reminder about Dance and Writing - Adesola and Helen's event in the summer!!! will put on the next blog!!!

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