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Saturday, 17 January 2015

past links for oral presentations

28 May 2014
Oral presentations - what to expect. You are presenting to peers as well as tutors - talk about your inquiry and your achievements - give us some detail but also update us on where you are now… has your inquiry work made a ...
17 Jan 2013
MORE on oral presentations - COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS INVITED :). I have googled again and found some like- minded sources about presentations to share with you. Thinking about your audience:
15 Jan 2013
Please note my previous blogs about the presentations to help with your planning: I will try to add to this this week! The presentations ...
18 Jan 2012
The presentations will focus on the main points from your inquiry and artefact - so some elements of the structure are 'givens' and reflect the style of professional practice - a bit of reportage in the 'design brief' but also a lot of ...

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