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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oral Presentations - more advice

The oral presentations are designed to show peers and tutors about the inquiry and the process of learning that has occurred while you have been doing Module 3 and throughout the time yoiu have spent studying.

Many do a powerpoint or a Prezi but others speak orally with props or creative productions (songs, videos, dance performances). This is difference than the professional artefact - which people also sometimes show - or show excerpts of this - and put links onto blogs if that is possible (with considering the confidentiality of the content).

It is only 10 mites so summarising is imperative - a slide a minute is the rule of thumb.

Give the highlights of your inquiry - context and findings - key points for learning - impact and implications - mainly professional but with personal aspects considered.

You can end a draft in if you want brief feedback form your adviser - ask specific questions was this will focus any quick feedback. Also you have your SIGs to share with for any last minute planning.

Good luck everyone!!!

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