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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Box of Broadcasts and the BBC - sources for ideas

At the library session yesterday we talked about using audiovisual sources for information.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) in a new online Middlesex Library feature that you can access via the Library (go tot he catalogue and look up Box of Broadcasts - and there are links in some of the Readings Lists). It has online video materials from the BBC that you can watch and you can requests taping of shows for your university work.

I also like to look at the news for ideas -  the BBC is a good source.

social media and the theatre article

gender equality on the stage in Sheffield

another one on gender

the lion king - longevity and change
I saw this topic also discussed on the news - Disney does not think the production needs to be updated for audiences

also archived info related to iPlayer on the National Theatre

and more on the arts

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