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Friday, 5 September 2014

Dance event - the Elixir Festival - with Anne Donnelly and Chris Bannerman at Sadler's Wells

Update Sunday 14th September

The performances at Knowbody were spectacular - really relevant to hw dance can be a lifelong pursuit. Words that came to mind were "profoundly funny' and 'intimate' and 'silly purity'. Sitting down next to a younger dance student/performer who said he said as a joke that at first he was a bit worried at first that the older performers might be more inclined to injury - I said I was not a dancer but was there from Middlesex University where some of the dancers were academic staff - and he said he understood and that I was there to learn about "the knowledge of dance" which was a fantastic way to put it. More later...

Performance Times

Fri & Sat at 7.30pm

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