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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Networks and what they can bring you?

A brief blog about networking for the modules. In getting together a presentation /paper for the University Association of Lifelong Learning annual conference I was reviewing some of the LinkedIn networks.

Simply put, we use networks and the idea of joining with peers as a way of defining and measuring our own practice. The communities of practice (CoPs) concept from Lave and Wenger was a way of looking at how we see our groups and develop strategies to learn with other people. Because of the internet, learning form others often happens in a virtual space as well as face-to-face, but sometimes this way of communicating implies an awareness about our professional practice that takes time and effort to evaluate and change (or bring up to date!) as we develop and grow.

A good example form LinkedIn is:

Jo Clarke

Small Business Professional

So I have some questions to start the ball rolling...

Do you have a LinkedIn identity?

Are you in any groups that have been helpful to you before you started BAPP )Arts) ?

Have you been involved in any groups after you started BAPP Arts?

How else are you connecting?

You can comment or send information directly to

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  1. I have resisted Linkedin. I joined two groups after starting BAPP. Actors Network and British Actors Network both on FB. I also belong to the Actor's Centre in the West End. This holds workshops and has a cafe. The cafe environment cannot be underestimated - it is a great networking asset.