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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Finalist workshop 15th of April 2014 - what we talked about...

Here is a list of what we talked about and a few points we made in the discussion. Attending were Lizzy, Sophie, Danielle and Carla - so you might find more on their blogs. Please comment with questions.

1. artefact - something that is important for your professional audience - don't just do something 'that will do' - this is something that communicates what you did for your inquiry but also seeks to inform people with a purpose- it can be an aspect of the inquiry which would be useful to others to know about

2. structure of critical review - clear- coding of data within practitioner research - yes you need to anonymise as agreed with your participants (some say it okay to use their name - e.g. experts or Directors) and then label their quotes (Teacher A) etc. so we can follow the discussion

3. diagrams - yes you can use diagrams within the text - 1 or 2 examples of data- and then if more detail is useful add this graphs/diagrams in the appendix.

4. sources - the Bibliography is important and has both sources you have used for reference and inspiration. The literature review  in the Evaluation section is a summary of the deb ages and knowledge out there (ball park 10-20 sources). If you have a longer literature review you can add as an appendix. Use these sources to theorise your analysis.

5. findings and analysis - What you found out and what it means - how does your practitioner research and experience compare to the debates in the literature (in your filed or topic area)? Wah tare the implications or impact on your practice/role/workplace?

6. Feedback - points out what is working and not working in your draft - which is a work in progress - send in drafts - don't worry about word count for this

7. quoting - quotes are you data/evidence so they identify instances that are important in your research - so label (Participant A) - you can put in like a long quote - so indented, single spaced, no quotation marks

8. appendices - these are for important details - think of the report/reportage style - so details that you did not have room for in your report - refer to them with explanation in your text

9. report format - so title page, contents page, critical review in 4 sections with subheadings, Bibliography, Appendices (sometimes with sheet like content page saying what they are). The Bibliography and appendices are not in the word count

10. oral presentation - more news after the 13th May submission - info on Paula's blog already

11. being academic - yes well - these writing and communication skills are ones at a high level - you have had preparation and should do fine - work with your adviser and feedback to get this right before you submit your work

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