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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Module 1 advice - timing your work - where are you now?

This blog is for those specifically on Module 1.  It also refers to the advice in your handbook to help you schedule your work in Module 1 and relates to the feedback you should expect during this process.

This study period has an Easter break (weeks of 14th and 21/22nd April) so there is a bit of extra time.

Study period 3rd February – 9th May 2013 (12 weeks) SO
WEEK 1 IS THE 3rd of Feb
WEEK 10 IS THE 7th April
Easter 2 weeks 14 /4/13 and 22/4/13
Final WEEK 12 5th of May. We normally only give oral feedback this week.
Submission 13th May (Tuesday)

However it is now just past the 6th week - so really according to the below you should be finishing up your Part 2 reflection. Don't worry too much if you are not - many of the people on our course experience busy times at work which means that they might have been delayed on coursework…

* NOTE - please comment on other peoples blogs form Module 1 and the other module s on BAPP  Arts - this is a great way to create conversations and get ideas. You can use these conversation s in your assessment as an appendix - explaining what you got from the discussions. This interaction is crucial of the learning you will do on the course - comment today - and tomorrow - and the next day!! 

The scheduling that is suggested in the handbook allows time for you to do your critical reflection after the three main parts to the module. Again, this module is about 'learning' using three main area that are of interest to professional practice.

Part 1 (Social media and communication inc. ethical practice) Duration of study time and feedback p. 15
Induction week and teaching weeks 1, 2

Formative feedback up to end of week 2 via staff and student blogs.

Part 2 (Reflective Practice) Duration of study time and feedback p.23
Teaching weeks 3 - 6
Formative feedback up to end of week 6 via staff and student blogs.

I AM NOW COMMENTING ON YOUR BLOGS UP TO THIS POINT (some people are usually ahead of this timing).

We have one more campus session and one more Skype session - but of course you can continue talking to your peers on the blog or through LinkedIn or the sharing information.

Part 3 (Professional Networking) Duration of study time and feedback. 27
Teaching weeks 7 - 9
Formative feedback up to end of week 9 via staff and student blogs.

Critical Reflection Duration of study time and feedback p. 28
It is possible to send a draft of your critical reflection to your adviser for feedback,
you can also ask others to comment on a draft on your blog to help you evaluate and
analyse your work. Send a digital draft to your adviser by Week 10 for written
feedback (in Week 12 oral feedback only).

So I can give you written feedback on this 1000 words and the supporting evidence - presented as appendices.

Work is due to be submitted on the 13th May through MYLearning (Moodle) so you have plenty of time to left to doing more thinking about how the ideas introduced in the module relate to and maybe even affect your professional practice.


  1. Thank you for this Paula. I am struggling with keeping up at the moment but will be gearing up shortly!

  2. Hi Paula, I was aware of the work schedule, but like many I am assuming, have been very busy working and preparing for a new performance! Your email and this blog have been just the kick I needed to refocus my attention and find that motivation. Looking forward to the two week off at Easter where I can really get my head down!

  3. Thanks Mariele and Pip - yes just had a look at your blogs today - what makes the work so interesting is how it focuses on the different workplaces that people are in - however this also makes completing studies tricky when you are both physically and mentally fatigued - but the results can be really very special - so part of the module is trying to find time in busy work schedules to do some thinking - keep up the good work both of you!