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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Working in education? Module 1 Part 1

I look at the news a lot - this is from the BBC website about a teacher- and some advice on setting up two sites OR using professional judgement perhaps...

Here is a taste of the comments:

In a statement, Mrs Scarlett said she turned to the website after a relationship ended.
"I found it very addictive," she said. "I was consoling myself after breaking up with my partner and the daily visits to Facebook were a welcome distraction.

Start Quote

She is guilty of being naive about how Facebook works”
Gareth JonesDisciplinary chairman
"As far as I was concerned I had a Facebook profile which was locked to the highest possible setting. I didn't realise everyone could see my comments."


  1. I really determine myself for taking education in college but then every module that was partaken by our teachers here are far from every educations students expectations.

  2. Matthew Roberts links to the Nottingham Tourist website???