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Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Antoine phenomenon

Okay - the web is good, we all know that,  but it can also grow virally - ever seen

Original article  and 'remix'   so it is now a phenomenon   newspaper article.

It is such a serious subject and the treatment it is getting is bizarre... as virtual 'real' life can be.

Any thoughts using the theories presented?


  1. Wow. I am amazed at this. I don't think I've ever seen remix culture shown so clearly. I actually really (and slightly guiltily) like the video with the song but I do think it's extremely lucky that Antoine liked it. Imagine if he didn't want to be an internet sensation. What would have happened then? Also it's lucky the video was well received by the public. I imagine he would have felt very differently if he'd been turned into a laughing stock or worse. It's interesting too that the people who made the song have asked for others to try it for themselves (remixing again). It is extremely trusting of them to give over their work to others and even more trusting of Antoine to give over his image. It really highlights previous discussions about reputation. Antoine's reputation was taken in hand by two people he had never even met and they crafted it to their own ends. Luckily the outcome appears to be good but it could easily have gone the other way. The power behind this technology is so striking but as Stan Lee wrote "with great power comes great responsibility".

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  3. Yes! I did see the remix posted on Facebook a couple of months ago, when I was in the States and I thought it was hilarious! Now, thanks to Paula having seen the actual news report on the incident I realise what a serious crime this was and actually not very funny at all. Had this video not been so well recieved, surely Antonie could have taken The Gregory Brothers to court over it? Either way though the 'remix' here has given Antoine publicity whether good or bad- in this case good. Being from the projects, of course he is happy about the attention and the money that they are raising for their family. He is now an internet hit and this shows the power of 'remix' and the web!

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  5. Yes I agree with Laura, I think it’s a slight mockery of a serious crime. It just shows that people are willing to commercialise of everything (Itunes and Antonie merchandise). It also highlights that due to the advancement of "remix culture"; it is now proving increasingly hard to discern what is unedited (audio or video clips) and what is the original. Photographic evidence can also be doctored. Maybe The Republic of China are on the right lines with their crack down on website and Internet censorship? I do believe remixing has been around for longer than the World Wide Web has existed. Tabloid newspapers would print snippets of quotes from interviews out of context and often mislead the reader.

    @Mark, your Stan Lee quote made me think of the Spiderman film,lol.