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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Using research from hyperlinks - ex. film and gender

I was looking at this article today on the Guardian website

which led to this report form the UK Directors about gender and film directors
Often you can ink to goo d sources very quickly  this days - the power of the hyperlink!

and then I saw this earlier report.

Ilona - will mention when we speak.

What is quite irritating with doing inquiries is that these things do have the habit of popping up at the last minutes as you are finalising drafts!!

Hope that helps - you might have a pop up source - so worth a google... or look at places you know have good information.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the links and mentioning it in yesterday's Skype conversation.

    Good (or perhaps not) to read that this is very much reflected in the UK (and around the world), despite focusing on the US for now - to go along with my professional journey of the past years.
    Perhaps I'll find a way to include it - despite not being able to include the majority of research. I just spoke to a fellow student and we had to agree that 6000 words seems challenging in the beginning, just to find out it's not enough to summarise it all in the end.