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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Education and Learning Sociological Perspectives conference - Clare Kell's use of Laban-Bartenieff's proxemics

In September I went to a conference at the University of Surrey where Clare Kell spoke about her thesis work. Clare is a qualified physical therapist and was studying the placement training for people studying to be physical therapists.

One of the methods she used was Laban-Bartenieff's proxemics to make field notes of the practice she was seeing. The NHS is very strict about bringing recording devices into clinical situations. I thought this was something that others on our progamme might be able to use.

here are some links to help

More on Laban who is recognised as a 'theorist' in movement and dance

More about Laban and movement

firstly form Middlesex's own Rescen's blog - Art Cross London 2013 project

AND finally a few blogs about this area of learning which includes links to theatre

A blog about someone doing practitioner research about movement - image from this blog Haptic Experiments' - last entry 2012

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