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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flexible learning

Workshop ideas for using Web 2.0.

Gather with colleagues...

Discuss your own use of technologies with the group:

How would you apply using these technologies in your institution/professional practice?
What are the limitations of Web 2.0 principles?
Successes - can you share your own or ones you have experienced?


Who is in your networks?
How do they operate?

Can you map them? with a very very quick mind map...


Choose an audience to communicate with - words/pictures/audio-visual...

Write a new blog or twitter (140 characters) for a target audience of your choice.  This could be on your laptop or paper...

You may want to :

  • explain 
  • celebrate
  • inform
  • prompt
  • promote
  • share something new
  • engage with topical issue 
  • add photos, drawings or diagrams (think about copyright issues for images and words)
  • add links or audiovisual 

What have your discovered doing this exercise?

Share with the wider workshop aspects of your discussions or a new blog with the workshop participants.

Thanks for taking part!

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