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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Welcome back everyone. If you are like me it make take a few blogs to get up to speed after a summer of many changes. Please look at the BAPP Arts Libguide - we are located in Hendon now! I also made a move and live in London SE4 - so a much better commute for those who have had shaky train conversations with me over the years. I got to do my PGCHE over the sumer as well - and am still finishing it up by using my first week of blogs as a teaching observation! especially with those now on Module 3. A reminder that we are now in the School of Media and Performing Arts and share an office with those with Media and Dance and Performance are now in Ravensfield at Hendon.

One of the last things I did in early September was present a case study of BAPP Arts at the Designs in ELearning Conference at the University of Arts in London. I also have an edition of 30 prints due by 1st November - so I am nervous about making this happen. The theme of the print - I think it is my take on language and web 2.0 - but as I only have a few idea sketches out - watch this space.

A big thanks to Corinda who has sent me some wonderful pictures of her work with the Paralympics for my Induction presentation! What a great event this summer!

All the best - start blogging - looking - phoning - skyping - thinking - drawing - taking moving images - researching - and making plans for how all the work will be done!

Good luck to everyone this week for Induction and the 'study period' starts in earnest on 1st of October. Please look at the Libguide for directions to the Hendon campus.


  1. Thanks for the updates both here and on Libguides,
    'Break a leg' for my Third and Final Module!

  2. Paula, goodness you too have been pretty busy over the summer.. Looking forward to seeing your prints.. Tremendously exciting. I was also interested to hear about your PGCHE, your home move to London and your new office at Hendon.. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks both, looking forward to working with you both and everyone working this 'study period'.