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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Module 3 Oral Presentations 28/5/12 (ADDED BIT ABOUT PREZZI)

Module 3 - You are now ready for the final bit of the module - the sharing with others on the network and practicing for future interviews and presentations in your places of work...

Previously I wrote this blog about the presentations

So this might be helpful to look at before the 28th of May.

As I previously said on the 16/5/11:

We have done 20 minutes slots to allow for a flow and transition time between presentations, However the presentation is 5-10 minutes. Try to highlight to major things yo want people to go away with for your project. We will try to have read all of the projects by then, so tutors might ask about something more specific.

Please get in touch with you adviser this week if you have any questions.  I am at home reading projects and inquiry plans - so contact me on my mobile, email or Skype.

This is still the case - I would also add that you can discuss Powerpoint drafts with your advisers as needed.

ALSO here are some instructions for how to create a powerpoint


YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A POWERPOINT if you do not want to! but is can collect your thoughts and get some of your information out into a form that communicates well.

You can put up your powerpoint slides up on your blogs to share with Slideshare.

Best of luck everyone!

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  1. Thanks Paula, found the examples of how to present efficiently hyperlinked in your previous blog really insightful. I am sticking with Powerpoint, it's a programme I am most familia with, and suits the puposes of the information I want to share most effectivly. I have been warned one can tend to speak too quickly when verbally presenting, so a few rehearsals before the 28th will hopefully prevent this!