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Monday, 21 November 2011

Where are you now? – an update to help with your Module.

Please get in touch with me for individual feedback by email, phone, skype or in person. I am happy to work ‘out of hours’ but it is often good in that case to make an appointment so that I can prioritise being available at that time. I really appreciate how hard it is to find the time, but I think talking things through is helpful. At the end of the day, the evidence must be provided for the appropriate marks, so it is good to review this before it is time to submit work.

Where are you now? – an update to help with your Module.

This is the 9th week of BAPP Arts) Module.

I just had a look at the blogs to see where people were in terms of their work on the modules, in most instances there is a lot of good sharing going on in the blogs.

Others have not engaged on the blogs with frequency so I cannot answer the question about the BAPP(Arts) coursework through this supporting evidence.

The important thing is that you know where you are now in terms of completing the coursework for the Module that you are taking.

Module 1: your module is about learning to think critically and identifying some topic questions that are beginning to emerge. The module comes in three parts: social media, reflective practice, and professional networking – you are probably working with the third part now in terms of time. There is time to catch up if you are not… We are advising that you send a draft of the 750 words by the week of the 5th or 12th of December (the week of the 12th is the last week before Xmas).  You should contact me, your adviser for one to one feedback, and I am trying to send emails to everyone this week about individual progress.

Module 2: For the module assessment you need to turn in a plan of your inquiry and you need to fill in some of the sheets for ethics, employer form, and the title of your degree that are required by the university.  We are asking all in Module 2 to send a draft of their plan to their adviser by the 5th of December so that discussions and feedback can take place before the end of term, which is the 16th of December this year. Your final submission is due the 9th of January 2012. Advisers will be here but will not give written feedback that first week in January. I will be here to discuss your submission with you that week (not Monday).

There are some who have looked at the inquiry questions they had at the beginning of the semester, and have expanded these and discussed them with colleague on BAPP (Arts) through the blogs and the now ended BAPP Facebook Discussion Groups (if you have read the BAPP Libguide Noticeboard, or received our email, you will know that Facebook took its Discussion feature down so we are suggesting that everyone recall the conversations they had in a descriptive record and capture important interaction from now on through screenshots and start new communications using Facebook groups or on the blogs, through google wikis etc.).

Module 3: You should be starting to send in a draft of your Critical Review (this is a work in progress) and a paragraph describing the ideas around your Professional Inquiry. It is good to discuss the written feedback after I send it back to you about your drafts.

The submission criteria for ALL MODULES is in the Handbook, as are the success criteria that gives you an indication about the quality of the work you plan to submit. I have tried to send out some brief comments about what is up on the blogs or through email correspondence about what I know about your work. Could you please relate this to your assessment and get back to me to discuss your progress on the course and what you might need to do for submission.

Please look at the resources on tutor and peer blogs and on the Libguide under the Modules tabs.

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