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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

READ this - comments on sending in work


Just a reminder - read all the staff blogs for generic comments Tasks A and C are on the blogs so that you can fine tune. Read the staff blogs and comment on colleague's blogs. A great many of the blogs and My Teacher assignments are shaping up really well!

I am getting some people's My Teacher assignments - send the rest to my Middlesex email . Please put your name, My Teacher and 3002 in the title of the attachment... and send all 3 at once or it will get confusing. ALSO do this for your other assignments when you email me backups - it is just easier to keep track of your work.

I will try to feedback as soon as possible. For those who have not sent in - we were hoping for drafts by Friday - the end of Week 4 - this is to give us time to look at them and feedback. I have tried to acknolwedge receipt of the emails... but it might take a few days to feedback.

ALSO keep looking at colleague's blogs - which one's do you like most? WHY...this is a professional statment about certain aspects of yourself... does it highlight important aspects of your career and training, is it inviting for the reader... have you addressed the assignment and then edited to be in your style?

NOW you are making the blog has all of its elements and fine tuning.



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