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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Oral presentations - reviewing and advice

Hi everyone

Finalists who had me as the main tutor for this module can send me drafts for discussion this week end or early next week if you want to discuss.

For everyone - here is some past advice and presentations - there are more if you go looking...

As I said in my slideshare advice:

The Oral Presentation - is a celebration of what you have achieved – explain it well and illustrate what you have done   - yes do ADD literature and the ideas and concepts you studied  (this is at the heart of the inquiry - art ideas - people ideas - discoveries - challenges - it is about the thinking! and gaining knowledge!)  also the practitioner research and the implications/impact - what difference did it make or how did it benefit others?

10 minutes presentation – you can use a powerpoint or Prezi – creative elements?

10 minutes question & answer session with peers and tutors – details – clarifications – outcomes?

You can send a plan of this to your tutor in preparation for the oral presentation – add the important elements form your inquiry including reflection

Rehearse what you want to say before the day and illustrate what you have done for your inquiry in your presentation – what is important to communicate? + be prepared for questions
Don’t overload slides (ppt or prezi if you use these) with text – they are just talking points (note Paula has Pages but the uni does not – so also format as a powerpoint)
A rule of thumb is 1 minute per slide – so no more than 15 slides (?)
You can show a sample of your artefact – if it is a powerpoint – these are 2 distinct pieces for assessment
You are presenting to peers and tutors – there is an element of formality – but you might also introduce informal elements - we have had people sing songs, do acting auditions and give the audience cookies

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