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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sign up for Module 1 session 8pm Wednesday 5th October GMT

Module1: Part 1 – Professional Communication Technologies (Paula)

Wednesday 5th October at 8 pm online in the BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url. There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. 

RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

In the first instance - come to the this link  - you need headphones or there is feedback - there are directions on the Module 1 WBS3730 (WBA) site that CAPE has done for Adobe Connect. 

It can be a bit tricky - but we should all be able to use the video when talking - however it could have the same quality of Skype in terms of connectivity - so we are still experimenting with this site and seeing how it goes (with Skype back up). 

I will show a few slides - but we can also do that on Skype if I show my screen. I will set up a conversation and if people are having problems then I will with to Skype - or if when you sign up you know that you connection is a problem le the know...

Please update you Skype so that you will be able to join the conversation if we do Skype...

Let me know your preferences or questions as comments - if you cannot make it - I will put up the slides and we can chat another time.


  1. also where do i find the slides from tuesday evening?

  2. Oh no I'm unable to do this! Please let me know if there will be another slot available!

  3. i'm so sorry i work evenings 8-12pm most nights with my job!please let me know of any daytime slots if possible!

  4. I´m so sorry but I cannot be at this meeting because I´ll be performing tomorrow at this time. Let me know if there will be any other times!