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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy holiday (or work engagement) and take a deep breath


Thanks for your patience these last couple of weeks. I had to take car of a few personal family matters that could not be delayed in Virginia. I also had a few laughs - and saw the Blue Ridge from a distance. I had a chance to meet up with several of my professors - retired now - along with friends who are artists and teachers - and the Dean of Virginia Commonwealth University (Arts). So this week I am finishing up feedback and trying to get all the email reminders out for January. Because I spent some days away from the office, the first week in January I will be on call for BAPP (Arts) - especially questions about submissions. If anyone has any urgent issues over Xmas I will be monitoring my emails. I have some re-drafting to do myself so will be back at the computer after Xmas AND of course I will be moving more boxes around - a favourite pastime!

I hope everyone has some free time over the holiday, whether you are working or taking time off.

Take a deep breath if you are finishing your coursework for submission, give it some extra time before the day before - contact me if you need to just for a quick chat. Busy times are hectic but it is great to get things done as well. Bw


  1. Thanks for your feed back paula it has given me a new lease of life on my reveiw!! i hope you have a lovely christmas.

  2. Thank you for all your help these past few weeks paula! Have a lovely christmas.